About Orchid reports

Orchid Reports has been designed in collaboration with DSLs and welfare professionals within the education sector.

Orchid Reports offers students a quick and simple method of reporting any issues or incidents of concern to them, via a QR code. Examples include:

·  Bullying

·  Racism

·  Hate Crime

·  Loneliness

·  Drugs

·  Violence

Included in the submission, students can also book a one-to-one appointment with a DSL or a member of the welfare team.

the easy-to-use dashboard and reporting functions means that DSLs and education/welfare teams may quickly and effectively deal with issues as they arise, as well as identify trends within the data and react accordingly.

The system can report on a wide range of parameters, including:

·  Year Group/Class/Course

·  Gender

·  Type of issue

·  Date Range

·  Resolved/outstanding

In addition to assisting DSLs and education/welfare teams, the reporting will help SMTs, governors and if applicable, external parties, to review student welfare provision.

Orchid Reports is a simple and cost effective addition to your student welfare provision with costs starting at £100.00(+vat) for setup and £40.00(+vat) per month for access to the system and its data.

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