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Established in 2022, 1st & Bowery is an authorised distributor of CYD’s drink spike testing strips. Aimed at individuals as well as bars and licensed premises, 1st & Bowery’s goal is to identify and part address the issue of drink-spiking incidents throughout the night-time economy, in England, Scotland, and Wales.

We have developed an innovative app that can be used to instantly record anonymous incidences of spiking and provide detailed information to relevant parties.

The app differentiates between reports from victims of spiking and establishments where spiking has occurred.

Click on the respective boxes above to order test strips whether as an individual or a licensed premise/business.


Buying the strips – as an individual or a business

Whether an individual wishing to purchase test strips for yourself, or a bar looking to provide them, we have a number of options to suit everyone. Venues offering their customers test strips alongside our innovative reporting product – both free of charge – are seen as leading the fight against drink spiking.

The test; which has been developed and validated for the detection of GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyrate), Ketamine (Special K) and amines such as cocaine and amphetamines (see Drugbank.com for details) in the UK by UCL (University College London) and Strathclyde University; takes just seconds to use and is a must-do if a drink has been left unattended.

Here’s how the test strip works

Dab your finger, straw or stirrer into the drink

Put a drop on to each of the test patches on the strip

If the pink patch turns blue, or the yellow patch turns orange then your drink has been compromised

If the drink contains:
GHB – the pink patch turns blue
Ketamine – the yellow patch turns orange.

Each strip has been tested against a large range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to check for false positives. For more information about how CYD was developed, click on the button below.

Venues: The Project

We understand the potential reluctance to adopting the scheme. However, consider this: there is anecdotal evidence that local licencing authorities are giving serious consideration to venues having mandatory anti drink-spiking measures in place, as a condition to applying for a new or renewing a previous licence. Downloading and using this app will reflect the seriousness with which the matter is taken. Additionally, venues may consider the positive marketing and PR benefits over competitors from adopting the scheme!

To sign up to this and order your QR codes (and test strips) please go to the shop section, register your venue, order the QR code kit, and we will send you everything you need to get started.

How does it work?


Go to the link at the top of the page or click HERE, register your business and download the .pdfs of the QR codes and the poster. We suggest that they are laminated and displayed on your premises: one for individuals to record potential instances of spiking and the other, once the incident has been reported to your staff, for you to also register it. The poster may be displayed in the foyer or entrance. Unlike other incident registration apps, these records will not be available in the public domain and are totally anonymous.

The data gathered will provide a real-world and real-time picture on spiking culture in the UK, facilitating a legitimate and empowered voice for the victimised and offering the potential to record what is actually happening as opposed to alleged claims appearing on both social and mainstream media.

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